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The nail treatments at Amantra are all about nourishing, reconditioning and refining your hands and arms. All manicures and pedicures include nail shaping, filing, cuticle clean up, massage techniques and polish/ buff application.


The luxurious Champagne and Rose Manicure at Amantra is a perfect facial for your hands. Exfoliation of hands is an essential part of the treatment followed by a luxury mask to deeply nourish your hands. Professional hand massage techniques with essential oils and rich moisturizer are used in massaging of hands and arms. The process ends with Nail Buffing and finally dressing your nails with the nail colour of your choice.
Pamper your hands with Amantra’s regular manicure. It involves cleaning and shaping of nails, removing dead skin and cuticles around your nails, massaging of hands to stimulate the blood flow to improve the health of your skin, buffing and finally applying a nail colour of your choice.
This brisk treatment is an effective way of giving a perfect “make over” to your nails. The nails are perfectly cleaned and filed in a shape that you want- round, square or whatever suits you; and finally a applying a nail colour of your choice.
Your fingertips are dipped in acetone nail polish remover for 10 minutes after which Shellac Nail Polish starts flaking off. Cuticle oil is rubbed into the skin around your nails so that it can soften and moisturize your cuticles and is also a protective layer against acetone that dries skin.
Acrylic or gel nails are applied to all of your nails. The nail technicians at Amantra work on your cuticles and file your natural nails short before applying the new set of nails.
The gel or acrylic is filled out in the portion of nail that has grown.


A therapeutic treatment for your feet, the Amantra Signature Champagne and Rose Pedicure removes dead skin, softens the hard skin and treats your toe nails. Feet are exfoliated using a premium scrub to remove all the dead and dry skin. Your nails are soaked, shaped, buffed and polished prettily while your feet get a little extra care with a swirling aromatic soak and soothing foot massage. Mask is evenly applied on the feet for deep nourishment.
Our express pedicure include foot soak, toe-nail shape, cuticle nourish and tidy, a choice of moisturizing massage to feet and legs or exfoliation of foot and legs, followed by your chosen finish of nail colour.
With this treatment you will enjoy an aromatic soak followed by quick clean up of soles & heels, basic cuticle care, nail filing and shaping, followed by a massage with a creamy lotion. The treatment is finished with a polish of your choice.
Nails are cleaned, filed and shaped with precision. They are then polished or rubbed using a buffer board, which gives a more consistent and shiny look to the nails. Finally the nails are finished using a nail colour of your choice.


Shellac add on- $10

Nail Art add on- $10

Hot Stone add on- $10

Paraffin add on- $15

Hands Nail Trim- $10

Toe Nail Trim- $15